Upgrade Firmware

Connect Xensr
Connect Xensr Diagram
  1. Power down and dock your Xensr.
  2. Plug USB cable into dock and computer.
  3. Power up your Xensr.
  4. Find Xensr Air on your desktop or file manager.
Download firmware.bin
Drag firmware file
onto your Xensr.
Drag onto Xensr 4
Set file name to "firmware" or
"firmware.bin" and restart your Xensr.
(Existing sessions will be deleted.)

Upgrade Details

Version Number: 1.09
New in this version: October 24, 2016 (build 3352)
  • Fixes several file corruption and deletion bugs.
  • Fixes USB connectivity problems with Windows 10.
Download Link: http://dl.xensr.net/firmware/1.09/firmware.bin

Session Uploading